Welding Positions Diagram

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Welding Positions Diagram

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Welding positions for groove welds are defined by the following diagram. NOTE Welding Position Diagrams are contiguous. Sperko Engineering 2005. WWW.SPERKOENGINEERING.C OM. Welding Positions for Groove Welds. Sperko Engineering 2005. WWW.SPERKOENGINEERING.C OM Tabulation showing transition points between welding positions

The final and hardest welding position is the overhead position. Here you are welding a joint that is usually horizontal but you are approaching it from the underside. This can put you in quite an awkward position and is also dangerous because of all the sparks that will be falling on you.

It is not capable to weld in all positions. Application. The GMAW or MIG welding process are mostly used in automotive industries and pipe industries, building bridges and in the repair work. We have studied about what is MIG Welding Process or Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).

The issue with the horizontal welding is the distorting effect gravity will have on the weld pool. If necessary or if it will help, tack weld a backing strip. Beveled edges can also be of help. When welding during the SMAW operation keep the electrode at 90 degrees to the weld. Lean into the weld direction by 15 degrees.

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